Ralph Wrecks the Internet Will Wreck Your Heart

By: Kayla Stephensen

******SPOILER ALERT******

In a story about the unusual friendship between two video game characters, the infamous villain Wreck-It Ralph and the glitch princess racer Vanellope von Schweetz, the feels are there. As Ralph tries to find a way to create something new and exciting for his best friend, he accidentally breaks her game. Discovering the internet which is full of unpredictable experiences, Ralph ends up breaking that too with a virus. His jealousy over Vanellope getting a new best friend is what drove him to find a virus that turns around and copies his insecurities. Ralph learns a valuable life lesson about best friends by the end of the movie: True best friends let their best friends follow their dreams, even if that means letting them go. Best friends do not have to have the same dream after all. Ralph learns to let Vanellope join the online game “Slaughter House” while he goes back to the arcade and the monotonous life he loves so much.

Ralph shows incredible love for his best friend. He made her a new path in her arcade game but the real person “playing” Vanellope was not liking Vanellope’s path and breaks the wheel off. Without a wheel, the game cannot play but Ralph does everything he can do earn the one on the “Eboy.” They travel to the internet to get the $200 wheel without thinking about where to find the money. Accidentally bidding much more than they can swallow, the best friends must find a way to pay for the wheel before their time runs out. Ralph and Vanellope befriend a clickbaiter and then Yesss to order to make the money. Ralph sacrifices his pride to make funny videos online and make money. All for his best friend.

Ralph Wrecks the Internet brings up everything we love and hate about the internet: the click bait, the funny autofill search engine, the links to new websites, the dark web, and of course viruses. It brings together these concepts in a 3D story that is funny, makes you think and warms your heart.


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