Hallmark Movies Promise Some Entertainment

By Heidi Papay

When the holiday season is in full swing, everyone loves to sit down and watch a good Christmas movie. Of course, there are the classics, such as It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story. But there are also new movies coming out every year.

Hallmark is known for its sappy love stories, and they release new movies every holiday season. Some people love the movies, and some people hate them. Let’s explore the pros and cons of Hallmark.

There are a few good things about Hallmark movies. They are always on during the holiday season, so there is always something to watch. Hallmark movies are also cheerful and happy, which means that they are a great pick-me-up. They also get people into the holiday spirit.

But of course, we have to mention the negative things too. The scripts are dull, the endings are predictable, and the settings are cliché. The same few actors and actresses dominate the movies: Candace Cameron Bure almost always seems to be the star, and some random white guy acts as her love interest. Additionally, this means that there is almost no diversity in Hallmark movies. The main characters are always white, conventionally attractive, straight people. Where are the people of color? Where’s the LGBT representation? Do the writers realize that Christmas isn’t the only holiday? The movies also create an unrealistic expectation for love. Should adults really be professing their love and getting married a week after meeting each other?

Each person has their own opinion on Hallmark movies. Hallmark should increase their diversity, but there’s nothing wrong with sitting down with a friend and poking fun at the cheesy movies.


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