The Best of “Black Mirror”

By Heidi Papay

Black Mirror is an ongoing Netflix series created by Charlie Brooker. Black Mirror is similar to The Twilight Zone; each episode tells a different story about the modern world and its consequences. So far, the series has four seasons, and there are rumors of a fifth. Additionally, there are rumors of a movie being released soon, and some people believe it to be titled Bandersnatch.

But while we wait for the next season and the possible movie, let’s review some of the fan favorites.

1. “San Junipero” Season 3, Episode 4

“San Junipero” is widely regarded as the best episode of the entire series so far. The episode follows two young women who meet in a beach town and fall in love. As the story progresses, a shocking plot twist is revealed. There are beautiful and heart-wrenching scenes all throughout this episode. “San Junipero” is one of the most optimistic episodes of Black Mirror.

2. “Playtest” Season 3, Episode 2

“Playtest” is my personal favorite. “Playtest” is about an American who is travelling the world to avoid his home life. While at each location, he picks up odd jobs to make money. While in London, he volunteers to test a horror game for a famous company. The settings and graphics of this episode, along with the intense twist at the end, make the episode into an unforgettable story.

3. “Fifteen Million Merits” Season 1, Episode 2

“Fifteen Million Merits” is set in an interesting and terrifying world. The general population is forced to cycle on stationary bikes day in and day out to receive merits. Merits are used to purchase everything from food to toiletries to accessories for their avatars. When someone saves up 15 million merits, they can purchase an entry to a talent show in hopes of breaking free from their slave-like existence.

Each episode of Black Mirror demonstrates a crazy and interesting take on a technological society. Every episode of Black Mirror is worth a watch.


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