Summer Reads Sure to Make a Splash

By: Emily Bevelhymer

As the days are getting longer and the anticipation for summer builds, people are constantly longing for lazy summer days. One of my favorite activities to do during the summer is to read. Sitting in the sun by the pool reading a great book is all I long for. Summer is the perfect time to read as there is no homework to do nightly and few responsibilities to assume. Reading is also an activity that can be done on a rainy summer day stuck inside or lounging outside soaking in the vitamin D. Here are some summer book recommendations that are sure to make a splash!

A Darker Shade of Magic -The first book in a fantasy trilogy which is perfect to read in the summer as all the books can be read with few breaks in between. The world of this book contains four different Londons: Red, Black, White, and Grey London and all contain different levels of magic. The story follows Kell who is a magician who can travel between all the Londons. One day when Kell goes to Grey London to take part in an exchange he is robbed by Delilah Bard who in turn saves his life from a deadly enemy. Kell and Delilah must partner to save the worlds and keep each other alive.

Never Let Me Go – The book takes place at a boarding school in England called Hailsham. All students who attend the school have lived there for all their lives and are gifted in the arts and literature. The story follows Kathy and her two friends Tommy and Ruth has they grow from children to young adult and leave the only place they have called home.

The Girl Who Loved Tom GordonThe book follows Trisha McFarland who is nine years old and the daughter of a recently divorced set of parents. One day during the summer, Trisha, her brother, and her mom go on a hike, but Trisha wanders off of the path. The book tells the story of Trisha lost in the woods and how she uses her instincts and knowledge to survive.

The Shadow Land – Alexandra Boyd has recently lost her brother and decides to travel to Sofia, Bulgaria, to heal. While in Bulgaria, Alexandra helps a couple into a taxi and after they have departed realizes she has kept one of their bags which contains the ashes of a man named Stoyan Lazarov. The story follows Alexandra as she searches for the family in order to return the ashes she has taken.

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street – Thaniel Steepleton lives alone in a small London apartment. One day after work, Thaniel returns home to find a small pocket watch left in his apartment. Six months later, the watch saves his life when it pulls him away from an explosion in Scotland Yard. Thaniel sets off on a journey to find the watchmaker, Keita Mori. A chain of unusual events takes place after and Thaniel must learn what Mori is hiding.


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