Grad Party Season Tips

By: Sydney Krane

As a senior this year, I have had the past couple years to go to as many graduation parties as I could, wishing all my upperclassmen friends good luck as they moved on to their futures away from Bellbrook High School.  Here are my tips for my classmates and underclassmen as grad party season approaches:


  • Make a schedule/ Mark your calendars


By creating a schedule of all the parties you want to go to, you are less likely to miss any and will find it less stressful keeping tracking of whose house you need to be at and when.


  • Don’t be afraid to leave early


Graduation parties last for hours and you aren’t expected to spend all four hours at one party.  Many weekends in this coming month will have multiple parties that overlap in time. Don’t be afraid to stop by a party for 15 minutes, grab some food, congratulate the host, look at a funny baby picture, and then head out to your next party.


  • You don’t need to buy big gifts for every party you go to


For almost every party, a card with cash and a good luck note is plenty for a gift.  At each party there will most likely be a basket or table for these cards, so instead of handing your card to the busy host, finding this basket yourself will make things even easier on the graduate.


  • Start warming up your tossing arm now


You are about to become a professional at corn hole so you should start stretching your tossing arm now.  Grad party season equates to corn hole season, so at your very first graduation party, don’t go all out on the corn hole, pace yourself as many, many, more games will be played over the course of the next month.


  • Dress comfortably


Most graduation parties are held with some part of them outdoors, so dress for the weather.  You should not dress up in elegant, fancy, awkward clothing because as mentioned before, you will probably be outside playing corn hole for the majority of the party.  You should dress somewhat nice; however, jean or khaki shorts with a blouse or t-shirt will be perfect attire for almost every party.


  • Take a photo with the host


At each party you attend, try to find time to take a photo with the host.  Also try to take photos with other friends at these parties, keeping track of fun memories for the day you will be making those poster boards covered in photos of friends.


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