Hulu Original Series, The Act, Outdoes Expectations

by Arden Lunay

While Netflix Originals seem to get all the attention, Hulu has followed suit and is responsible for some original series that are just as impressive as Netflix’s. Most recently, the eight part drama, The Act, has kept viewers entertained and in suspense, even if they know how the true story ends.

The Act is based on the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, played by Joey King, and her mother Dee Dee Blanchard, played by Patricia Arquette. Gypsy grew up being forced to use a wheelchair, take multiple medications, and use a feeding tube by Dee Dee, despite being completely healthy. Because of her daughter “sickness,” they were given money, prizes such as “Child of the Year,” and the pity of their neighbors. As Gypsy grew older and began to realize her conditions were fake, she began rebelling, using dating websites, and eventually got a boyfriend with a multiple personality disorder, played by Calum Worthy. The two get wrapped up in Gypsy’s fairytale reality, and come up with a plan to set Gypsy free from her overbearing mother.

One of the most impressive aspects of the series is the filming style. Every shot is beautifully lit and angled aesthetically, adding to the interest of the story. While many shows that are filmed really well tend to lack on the excitement in the plot, The Act has both. The script is so well written that it is believable that the story is exactly how each character was in real life. The acting of the cast adds to how believable it is. I found myself in awe of all of the actors ability to pull off such specific, odd characters.


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