Here Are Some Ohio Activities for the Summer

By: Emily Bevelhymer

If you are stuck in Ohio this summer, things can get pretty boring. Friends post pictures of themselves on the beach while you are stuck at home. Instead of moping around this summer being envious of friends, explore these fun activities in Ohio that are sure to bring some enjoyment while others are laying on the beach.

  1. The Cincinnati Art Museum – If you have an interest in art, this is a must visit this summer. With thousands of works including a painting by Van Gogh and rooms full of sculptors, there are works there that everyone can enjoy. The museum also has a Burning Man and Kimono exhibition occurring over the summer.
  2. Topgolf – Enjoy competition and good food? Topgolf is a place where people can compete in different mini games where people earns points for hitting golf balls at targets. Each group receives a bay where they have chairs and air conditioning for the hot summer days. Food can also be ordered to the bay which players can enjoy while competing.  
  3. The German Village – The German Village is a small neighborhood in Columbus full of charm. There are old houses, shops, restaurants, and parks for people to visit. When the weather is a bit cooler, the German Village is the place to visit. Some of my favorites include the Book Loft which contains 32 rooms of books and Pistacia Vera which is a coffee shop that serves French pastries.
  4. The Wilds – The Wilds is a safari park which takes guests around the park in a vehicle. The animals are not put into cages but are allowed to roam around the park similar to how they would live in their natural habitat.
  5. Kayaking – Every year my friends and I go kayaking and it is one of my favorite things we do. In Bellbrook you can rent kayaks at Bellbrook Canoe Rental and enjoy a few hours floating down the river soaking in the summer sun.

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