Seniors prepare for the great escape

By: Morgan Sharbaugh

Bellbrook High’s seniors are gearing up for the great escape: graduation. On May 18, they will walk across the stage and be free. But as of May 1, there are still 17 days left.

In those 17 days, our seniors are packed with fun activities to celebrate the end of their rule over underclassmen.

Monday, May 6 is Invisible Day. The Seniors will magically disappear from school grounds. No one knows where they are but odds are they won’t be in class.

Tuesday, May 7 is Career Day and the Baccalaureate. From doctors to writers to businessmen/women, our seniors will all come to school dressed as their future career.  Also at St. Francis Church at 7pm, the Baccalaureate service will take place so we can bless our Seniors and their future.

Wednesday, May 8 at 10:00 PM, our Seniors will take each other down in a colorful frenzy of paint. It is time for the Annual Senior Paint fight. During the school day, they will be wearing their college t-shirts to express where they are choosing to continue their education.

Thursday, May 9 today is the last day our seniors will grace the halls of Bellbrook High School. Clad in their paint fight shirts, the Seniors will battle their way through their last day before graduation.

Friday, May 10, for a final farewell,  a Hawaiian picnic at Miami Valley South Stadium will send our Seniors off with good memories and good food.


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