BHS Sees Changes at Lunch

by Sarah Bevelhymer

As the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek school district shifted principals from Mr. Chris Baker to Mr. Dave Hann, several changes were made to the high school including additions to students lunch periods. New tables provide students with the opportunity to eat their lunch outside. Many students have taken advantage of this opportunity, eating lunch in the courtyard each day. 

A cornhole game has also been added to the front courtyard for students to play during lunch. This spirited cornhole game was generously donated to the school by the Merkle family. 

You may ask yourself as you toss a bean bag towards the opposing board in hopes of scoring a few points, where did this game come from? There is no defining evidence to the origin of cornhole; however there are several theories. People believe the Germans invented it in the 14th century, it began in ancient civilization, Native Americans created it, or a midwestern farmer from Kentucky came up with the idea in the 19th century. Despite the countless theories on the creation of cornhole, it is known that the first documented cornhole game was in Cincinnati. Nevertheless, cornhole is the most popular bean bag toss game in the United States, providing fun for all ages and the students at Bellbrook high school. 


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