Wait… Who’s My President?

By: Abby Clack

This year and every year, the student body of each grade votes for their president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Those positions make up the student government. They help plan Homecoming, Prom, and give the overall vote for things for your grade. Most people don’t know who their class presidents are. But if you go to Homecoming, Prom, or pep rallies then you should probably know who put them together.

I sat down and asked four people from the council a few questions about the job. Kayla Paul, the senior class secretary, Lauren Combs, the junior class treasurer, Dakota Davis, the sophomore class president, and Kyle Bettencourt, the freshman class president. 

What does your job entail? 

Davis: “Working with other officers in the high school to immerse the experience that high schoolers have that aren’t in student government.”

Bettencourt: “I get to help make decisions with Spirit Week, Homecoming, and other events.”

Paul: “Attending meetings, collaborating with peers and other student council members, providing creative ideas for projects and dances.”

How long have you been in your position?

Davis: “Two weeks, but also last year. So this is the second year.”

Combs: “Since freshman year.”

Paul: “Two years; junior year and now senior year.”

What do you think, from past experiences, prepared you the most for this position? 

Combs: “Well I have been treasurer for two years, so probably that. And volunteering at my church.”

Bettencourt: “Debate team! I learned how to constructively disagree without upsetting people.”

What do you work on that you don’t think the student body knows about?

Davis: “The drives! We do so many drives about collecting coats, food, and giving back. And I feel like 95% don’t know we do that because they don’t contribute. But people who look around see it and know. If you ask people what officers do, they wouldn’t say drives.”

Combs: “We are currently recreating the dress code.”

Bettencourt: “I chose Homecoming theme: it was my idea.”

Paul: “Student council has recently started with office administration to compromise on certain policies affecting students. The senior officers also put together the class gift to the school.”

What is your favorite activity you do in student government?

Davis: “Planning Homecoming. I get to argue and yell about the theme I want. And I get to go to all my friends and ask how they feel about the themes.”

Combs: “I like to plan Homecoming!”

Bettencourt: “I like the meetings; everyone is so nice.”

Paul: “Plan dances and come up with creative decorations that fit the theme that we choose.”

Your student government:

Freshman Council:

President: Kyle Bettencourt

Vice President: Rylan Price

Treasurer: Tristan Price

Secretary: Emma DeWeese

Sophomore Council:

President: Dakota Davis

Vice President: Lily Jones

Secretary: Sera Briley

Treasurer: Ally Lewis

Junior Council:

President: Abby Dunham

Vice President: Ramya Pandragi

Secretary: Lauren Combs

Treasurer: Shelby Hurst

Senior Council:

President: Caden Barr

Vice President: Jada Murphy 

Secretary: Connor Laughlin

Treasurer: Kayla Paul



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