Procrastinate like a Pro

By: Khacor Tigner

I know you read the title and asked yourself: “Why on earth would he be promoting this?” Let’s be real here, though, you definitely will not finish that project until two hours before you go to sleep. I have done it, you have done it, everyone has done it at some point in their lives. With that said, how does one even go about doing work that should take five hours in a measly two? Well here’s a few tips and tricks to become an expert in the art of procrastination.

Time management!
Obvious, right? Well it may be harder than it looks. Time management is the most pivotal role in procrastination, and if you are anything like me, you procrastinate your procrastination. That is why when you finally get out of bed, finish that episode, or get that win in whatever game you’re playing, you need to get all electronics that can cause a distraction away from you. There just is not enough time in two hours to even think about what your best friend just posted. It is time to grind out that project. If you have issues with opening new tabs on your computer, put the browser in full screen mode, so there will be extra steps in your procrastination of your procrastination.

Have a Plan!
While procrastinating, think about what you’re going to do for whatever is due. This will allow you to spend as little time as possible thinking and more time going through the motions of the project. Turn into a robot and get that W!

Accept That It Will Not Be Perfect!
Procrastination is dangerous, especially if you are a perfectionist. You need to take liberties in your project and accept that you may not get an A+ or have the best project in the class. But hey, at least you got that work done!


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