Escaping the Abyss of Your Teenage Years

by Khacor Tigner

As teenagers, there is often some animosity whenever you think of yourself. With teens wondering why am I so ugly? Why do they not like me? It is truly an art to become comfortable in your own skin. This is especially true when the world seems so small and you have yet to explore the greater extents of society. Here are a couple tips to get comfortable with yourself and to live out your teenage years to the fullest without all those pesky negative thoughts flooding your head:

    1. Do not compare yourself to others on social media.
      Surprise! Most teenagers are feeling the exact same that you are; they may be able to hide it better. This hiding technique is exemplified through social media services like Instagram and Snapchat where people only post the highlights of their lives. No one usually shares the abyss of their teenage years on social media. This leaves teens with a sense of isolation and depression, often asking themselves: Why can’t I be as happy as them?
    2. Invest in your own well-being
      As teens, we are thrust into the realm of new responsibilities. In fact, we are in the limbo of adulthood and childhood, where parents expect us to do so much, yet they do not give us much freedom. Stuck at home? Learn something out of your own volition, binge that Netflix show you’ve been dying to watch, even just go outside and enjoy the world! Seems boring, right? You would be surprised how much disconnecting from others can boost the mind and self-esteem.

Your worth is not dependent on other people. You do not need to be in contact with the outside world 24/7. If you think you do, it may be time to delete those social media apps on your phone.


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