Women’s Tennis volleys through the season

By: Morgan Sharbaugh

BHS Women’s Tennis is ranked 4th in the Miami Valley region and earned 3rd in SWBL. Varsity finished the season with 13 wins and 6 loses. The new coaching staff worked hard to keep the girls conditioned and improve their skills, according to senior Anika Arora.

Both freshman Acey Faulkner and senior Anika Arora believe the season went well. “I think I played really well. I feel like I definitely improved a lot by the end of the season. There were a few matches that I wish I played better in, but overall I was happy with how I played,” Faulkner says. Anika Arora explains how she and her sister, sophomore Nitika Arora, are doubles partners, and are Sectional Doubles Runner ups in Division 1 and will play in Districts.

For next season, Faulkner just wants to improve her skills since this was her first year playing tennis. Arora, on the other hand, hopes the team will improve their record and send more people to districts.

After publication addition: Nitika and Anika Arora ended their season 0-6, 1-6 in a challenging final match.


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