LeBron James Faces Staunch Criticism

By: Khacor Tigner

China has continued their blackout of NBA games due to Daryl Morrey’s support of Hong Kong protests, with no end in sight anytime soon. LeBron James last month commented on the situation with the NBA. James did not give a clear answer to the questions brought up by the interviewers during the ESPN broadcast. Instead, in response to the question of “Should Morrey face ramifications?” James stated, “I think that’s another situation that should stay behind closed doors.” James refuses to comment on anything critical about the situation on China blacking out NBA games. James continued his response by saying “While yes we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative that comes with that too.” 

These comments were seen as out of character for James who openly supported the Black Lives Matter movement as well as spoke out against police brutality. The public did not take James’ comments well with one YouTube commenter, Daniel Reiley, stating, “LeBron is only an activist when he can capitalize off it.” This comment garnered over 200 likes, which is due to the disapproval of James comments. James is seen as backing China due to money rather than backing the GM of the Houston Rockets. 


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