BHS Traffic Complaints Continue

by Megan Hyer and Cambree Bernkopf

After a long day of school, every student just wants to go home as soon as possible and relax, but some are unable to do that. Some students have to sit in the parking lot for up to 30 minutes just to get out! The traffic when school ends is extremely miserable for some, especially for the people who have a parking spot in the South lot. They have to let everyone in the back lot out first, unless someone allows them to go in front of them, which doesn’t happen very often.

Boston Williams, a junior at BHS, recorded the time it took to get out of the South parking lot on a normal day and it took about 16 minutes on average and on a day with very bad traffic, it took around 22 minutes.

The South and Back lots unfortunately are mainly the two that have to deal with bus traffic. One sophomore who rides with someone that parks in the South lot says it has gotten worse than it was at the beginning of the year. She says that there is always lots of traffic and it takes 15 minutes to get out. One junior that parks in the Back lot says, “It’s gotten worse since past years but the wait times are the same as of this year.”

One junior who parks in the Front lot says, “If you have to take a right turn and no one lets you in, you can be waiting up to 15 minutes, but if someone lets you in, you leave right way.” A senior that parks in the North lot says traffic is “a bit better once kids got to leave early and come late but depends on the time.” 


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