OPINION: The Toxicity Towards The Ivy League Conference is Misplaced

By: Khacor Tigner

The eight Ivies–Cornell, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton, and Columbia–are known quite well by the American community, and even on the world stage. This is due to their high standard for academics. However, the Ivy League is also a sports league; they are not just academics. 

The Ivy League is not as big as the Big Ten Conference. They do not draw as much attention as other Division I schools, but that does not mean their sports are lacking in any way. 

The Ivy League has a total of 18 sports according to IvyLeague.com, and some top athletes compete in these sports. The stereotypical myth that the Ivy League does not care about sports is false. Some schools even go out of their way to get athletes that are qualified to attend the school under normal merits to compete for them. 

The stigma about the Ivy League having little to no interest in sports is a misguided attempt to disparage a sports conference.


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