Frozen II melts hearts but not Olaf

by Morgan Sharbaugh

Frozen II slammed into theaters November 22, bringing joy to people of all ages. Elsa and Anna recall memories from their past, stories, and songs sung to them by their parents. Elsa begins to hear one of the songs and experiences strange things in Arendale, leading her to try and find out more of the story her father told her. The girls, Sven, Kristoff, and Olaf must go into an ancient enchanted forest to find out why the strange magical occurrences are happening.

Frozen II has plenty of new brilliant songs, but none of them are as iconic as “Let It Go.” Junior Alissa Warren says Kristoff’s ballad “Lost in the Woods” was her favorite song in the movie. Kristoff gets a moment to sing his feelings toward Anna, breaking masculinity barriers and providing a fantastic reindeer dance routine.

Frozen II was a beautifully written movie, following the same theme in the first movie of familial bonding and love. Junior Natalie Fisher found the movie very humorous according. Junior Caitlyn Grissom said some bits are sad and emotional, reporting that she cried.


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