Trump Announces New Policy at Army-Navy Game

By: Khacor Tigner

For the first time in 4 years, the Navy’s Midshipmen demolished the Army’s Black Knights 31-7. This win was highly expected according to polls conducted by, with the Navy throughout the game never falling below 50 percent to win. The Army’s season was by all accounts rough as they achieved a 5-7 record compared to the Navy’s impressive 9-2 record. President Donald J. Trump was there at the game to primarily announce new policy regarding the military academies’ athletes “to play professional sports after they graduate and delay their active-duty services” as reported by

Trump’s appearance at the game was fairly well received considering recently Trump’s public appearances at sporting events have been met with an onslaught of boos. Trump’s appearance may be due to the fact that Trump has generally always supported the military, despite clashes with the bureaucratic areas of it.

One of the lead players throughout the game was Malcolm Perry with an impressive run of 304 net-yards and a total of two touchdowns throughout this historic game. Perry was truly unbeatable throughout this game, gliding through his Army brethren with finesse and speed.


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