Why Doing the Musical is the Most Fun You’ve Never Had

by Sydney Hollingsworth

It’s likely that you’ve experienced the rush of scoring during a sporting event, the sense of accomplishment after receiving a good grade on a test you studied hard for, or the thrill of finally beating the hardest level on a video game. However, you’ve never felt anything like the pure electricity of standing on a stage and performing a show in front of a live audience, and if you want to audition for the musical this year, attend the theatre meeting on January 6. What is the musical this year? Well, the long-held secret is out: the musical that BHS is staging in spring 2020 is…Peter Pan! Which means pirates, lost children, and FLYING!

I know what you’re thinking: you don’t want to look stupid singing and dancing in front of your peers. This fear is rational and understandable, but if what your peers think about you is holding you back from trying something you might be interested in, then how will you ever find something you’re truly passionate about?

What most people don’t realize is how much fun it is to come together with castmates, directors, and crewmembers to create a work of art that has the ability to make people feel different emotions. It’s exhilarating to hear the audience laugh or gasp at something you’ve just done.

The amazing groups of people collaborating to make the show happen will always give you someone new to meet and laugh with. Madame Jergens and Mr. Castle, the directors, never run short of a good joke, either. Yes, they’re the directors, but they’re more like those cool family members who you only see once every few years at family reunions who tell you all the cool stories from their lives.

After months of rehearsals, finally being able to share what so many people have put so much effort into is such a rewarding feeling. Taking your bows during curtain call and hearing your cast, crew, orchestra pit members, and directors recognized for all the creative energy invested into the show is like the feeling you get when your parent tells you they’re really proud of you once every five years.

If you jump on the opportunity to perform in a show while you’re still able to, you won’t regret it in the future. So many students who do the musical for the first time their senior year say that they regret not doing it sooner. Don’t make the even worse mistake of not doing it at all.


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