Celebrations in Quarantine

by Sydney Hollingsworth COVID-19 has put most of our daily lives on hold indefinitely, but there is one thing that the coronavirus cannot postpone: birthdays. They happen every day. You can’t stop them. But can you be forced to mope when it’s your big day and you can’t have a party? The answer, proven by the actions taken by the world today, is no. People … Continue reading Celebrations in Quarantine

Bellbrook Under Lockdown: A Photo Essay

by Sydney Hollingsworth Ohio’s restrictions on activity outside of the home have been in effect for almost a month now. The general public has been corralled inside in an attempt to “flatten the curve,” a commonly used phrase now, meaning to lower the number of cases of covid-19 by staying away from others and stopping its spread. What effects has this containment had on the … Continue reading Bellbrook Under Lockdown: A Photo Essay

Why Doing the Musical is the Most Fun You’ve Never Had

by Sydney Hollingsworth It’s likely that you’ve experienced the rush of scoring during a sporting event, the sense of accomplishment after receiving a good grade on a test you studied hard for, or the thrill of finally beating the hardest level on a video game. However, you’ve never felt anything like the pure electricity of standing on a stage and performing a show in front … Continue reading Why Doing the Musical is the Most Fun You’ve Never Had