Bellbrook Under Lockdown: A Photo Essay

by Sydney Hollingsworth

Ohio’s restrictions on activity outside of the home have been in effect for almost a month now. The general public has been corralled inside in an attempt to “flatten the curve,” a commonly used phrase now, meaning to lower the number of cases of covid-19 by staying away from others and stopping its spread. What effects has this containment had on the local culture of Bellbrook? The following photos give a glimpse of what our city looks like in the midst of the quarantine.

Please note: These photographs were taken with respect to social distancing.

A ravaged aisle at the Kroger on Wilmington Pike.

New operating hours at the Blueberry Cafe in downtown Bellbrook for pickup only.

Regulations at the Dairy Shed to maximize social distancing.

Extremely low gas prices at the Shell on Wilmington Pike.

The popular basketball courts on Vemco have closed. The nets were removed from the hoops.

The playground on Vemco is closed and taped off.

Despite the gloom of the above pictures, the community of Bellbrook continues to work through these unprecedented times. The local businesses that are able to operate do so with caution, yet they find ways to proceed with as much functionality as possible. The administration and staff at BHS try to spread as much positivity as possible through the Bellbrook High Instagram page. However dark the outlook may be so far, it is important to stay strong together, six feet apart of course, to beat this virus.


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