5 Questions about Quarantine Answered by Your Peers

By: Abby Clack

I asked two sophomores, two juniors and one senior about their options for this quarantine. Here are their responses: 

1. How do you feel mentally and physically about being stuck at home?

Sophmore 1 (So1) – I actually kind of miss school and going out so it has definitely been hard to be stuck at home

Sophomore 2 (So2) – I feel mentally and physically exhausted all the time especially because I work 40 hours a week, every week now. On top of all my school work.

Senior 1 (Sr1) – I’m feeling pretty good, just a little annoyed with all of this family time.

Junior 1 (Jr1) – Physically I feel stronger because I have been able to spend more time working out. I currently workout 2-3 times a day. Mentally, maybe a little weaker because of the decrease in number of interactions I have with others and making them smile

Junior 2 (Jr2) – Mentally it’s really draining to be stuck at home and I think I speak for everybody when I say it’s no bueno for mental health, and physically it depends on the person because personally me and my family go on walks to help but I know sitting at home doing all my homework my body does not like it.

2. Are you saying up to date with school work?

So1 – For the most part, yes

So2 – I am staying up to date with my school work but I have procrastinated a lot more since we aren’t required to dedicate an hour to each class at certain times in the day anymore.

Sr1 – Yes, I am.

Jr1 – I have been staying up to date with my work.

Jr2 – I try my best to stay up to date but it feels like a lot of work all at once.

3. Do you like the new block schedule days for remote learning?

So1 – I really do. I had like zero motivation to do all my classes in one day so this is much better in my opinion

So2 – I like the block scheduling better than having classes everyday because it allows for us to get work done with more time.

Sr1 – Not really, but it is a lot easier.

Jr1 – The new schedule allows me to do my work when I feel like it, such as 6 in the morning or at midnight.

Jr2 – While it is nice to have designated days for specific classes, it’s just bigger assignments with more time, and it’s kind of stressful to try and get everything done all at the same time.

4. Are you getting timely responses from teachers/peers?

So1 – Most of my teachers have been amazing about responding to emails and answering questions

So2 – Not really.

Sr1 – I am. Everyone is relatively on time with their assignments and such.

Jr1 – My teachers and peers respond in a timely matter. By making sure I do my work at least 1-2 day(s) before it’s due gives me time for feedback even if the response takes a while.

Jr2 – Normally I do get timely responses but sometimes teachers can take a minute to get back but I understand because I’m sure they’re being swamped with emails and things to grade online and such.

5. What have you found to fill the time?

So1 – I play a lot of Animal Crossing and also baking.

So2 – Work.

Sr1 – I’ve been doing more physical activities since this began; however, I still do things like playing video games.

Jr1 – I have been able to spend more time cooking and baking. Just recently I made cinnamon rolls and I am currently preparing to make a mouth-watering apple pie-like dessert. I have also had the opportunity to enjoy working outside and enjoying the sun’s rays.

Jr2 – To fill the time I mostly just watch Netflix but I’ve also started writing more and doing more art because I can only stare at a screen for so long. (Also I get coffee a lot. Caffeine addiction doesn’t stop for anything, not even a pandemic.)


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