Becoming TikTok Famous

by: Sarah Bevelhymer

Are you dying of boredom in quarantine? Don’t worry: I am too.

Tik Tok is a social media platform known for blowing people’s social media presence up overnight. You can make short videos about pretty much whatever you want. I chose 11 different Tik Toks to create and see which ones would gain me the most clout. 

And so I began.

Tik Tok Decides: I participated in a trend where the user posts two Tik Toks and sees which one gets more likes to make a decision. Since my college tours were canceled due to the virus, I let Tik Tok decide where I should go to college.

School Project: I’ve seen a few Tik Toks where the user explains that they are doing a school project on getting famous on Tik Tok and begging for likes. So I did that too.

Wholesome Content: I made a cute letter to my boyfriend with the dates we are going to go on after we reunite after quarantine. Just some basic, wholesome content.

Vlog: I filmed a vlog of me going to Target during quarantine, again, with a slightly comedic voice over.

I Don’t Want It: A trend where the user explains an ideal situation they wish to have in the future and finishes by saying if it doesn’t happen, they don’t want it.

Art: I made a cool painting. I shared it. That’s it. 

Coffee Trend: I did the infamous homemade coffee trend going around Tik Tok right now with a slightly comedic voice over.

Dance: I learned and rehearsed a popular dance on Tik Tok. Did I live up to Charlie D’Amelio’s standards? Absolutely not. Did it take over an hour to make? Absolutely. 

Comedy: Funny story, this was originally supposed to be a viral challenge with my mom but it went south really quick, making it fall under the comedic category. I accidentally spit water all over my pants. 

Get Ready With Me: I did a classic get ready with me with a slightly comedic voice over.

Put A Finger Down: This viral trend circling Tik Tok involves the user putting 10 fingers up and explaining a silly story to which they have to put a finger down because it happened to them. I shared the most embarrassing moment of my life. 

Spoiler Alert: I’m not famous on Tik Tok. Yet. However, I did rank all my videos worst to best, decided by my friends, the only people who showed any interest in my Tik Toks. The best way to become famous is to embarrass yourself.


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