Captain Hook better beware: Peter Pan is soaring into Bellbrook’s theater program

By: Morgan Sharbaugh

Bellbrook High’s 2020 musical is soaring through the school, and students are waiting for it to finally land in April. The theater program has carefully selected Peter Pan to be the 2020 spring production. After two days of tryouts and many hard choices, senior Neve Barker is taking the lead role as Peter Pan. Barker says it’s been such a good experience every year, and that even though she is the title character doesn’t mean she’s more important than everyone else. “Every single person is like a cog in a machine that would fall apart without them–whether it’s cast or crew. For every single show, our super awesome directors prioritize making the cast feel like a family. We all love each other so much and unite doing something amazing!’

Now the cast has barely begun rehearsals but will continue to work hard and memorize the music, choreography, and scenes. Then they will learn the characters, the cast will determine their mannerisms and motivations for their actions, which is the most fun part according to Barker.

Senior Kayla Stevenson is excited for the musical, since as her last high school production, she is ready for it to be the best one yet. “I can’t wait to see what they do with the choreography this year,” she says, “especially the ‘Indians,’ they are all so talented!”

Junior Caitlyn Grissom who has been cast as one of the “Indians” says that she is most excited about the new experience. “It is my first year doing the play and I look forward to doing something new and meeting new people,” she exclaims.


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