Frozen 2 Provides Philosophical Insights

By: Kayla Stephensen

 “How I wish it would stay this way forever. Although, fall mocks us with change.” – Olaf

Olaf experiences a widening of perspective throughout the second Frozen movie which builds his character and makes him continually relatable to the same audience he was six years ago. The quote above is comical and yet true. The constancy of change is the only thing that is wholly reliable in life. Fall does remind us of that.

“All one can do is the next right thing.” -Anna

Anna experiences an overwhelming grief in the middle of the movie and she pulls herself together with this line. It’s a powerful reminder that no matter how dark it is, there is always one right thing to do. It doesn’t have to be big, but it will always help.

“Elsa, when are you going to see yourself how I do?” – Anna

Anna’s unwavering faith in her sister is one of the major themes of the movie. It’s heartwarming and reminiscent for anyone with a good relationship with a sibling or family member. Oftentimes we have more faith in close family or friends than in ourselves.

“My love is not fragile.” – Kristoff

Dang. Another reason to want Kristoff: he’s strong, dorky, and full of love. This moment could speak on different levels to different viewers. Those lucky enough to experience a strong love feel the gratitude and happiness. Those who have experienced fragile love feel those old feelings resurface. The side plot of Kristoff and Anna’s love is one many can relate with. The ability of a story to cause such deep emotions is the true beauty of Frozen 2.

“Don’t you know there’s part of me that wants to go into the unknown?”  – Elsa

Elsa’s curiosity is what helps solve the big problem in the movie. Who hasn’t wanted to do something unexpected and new? She has a Manifest Destiny feel about her in the movie.

“Are you okay, Olaf?” – Kristoff

“Yah, we call this making the best out of what we can control!” – Olaf

Once again Olaf makes a wise remark that is beyond applicable to any viewer. Sometimes all you can do is make the best out of what is under our control

“Because when you’re older, absolutely everything makes sense.” – Olaf

Olaf once again sang a highly whimsical song in this movie. Anyone who’s “older” laughs at the song because we all know everything never makes sense. Olaf’s undying optimism about what his future holds is bittersweet in a way that makes you want to hug him.

“You’re not responsible for their choices, Elsa” – Anna

You can only control how you react to situations – and that’s it. This is a lesson many do not learn for a long time. How people choose to live their lives is not our responsibility.

“Hey Anna, just thought of one thing permanent: love.” – Olaf

Not to rain on Olaf’s moment but it could be argued that love isn’t always permanent…parental love may be but some platonic and even romantic could fade.

“What would I do without you?” – Elsa

“You’ll always have me!” – Anna

“I believe in you, Elsa. More than anyone or anything.” -Anna

“You can’t just follow me into fire.” – Elsa

“Then don’t run into fire!” – Anna

This moment reflects on Anna’s unwavering love for her sister that was critical to the first movie as well. You could call Anna annoying (sometimes her actions are a bit blinded and annoying) but the point is that her love is stronger than any fear she or Elsa may have.

“It’s fear that can’t be trusted.” -Elsa

This is one of the best quotes that Elsa says in the movie. It can be applied to many real-life situations as many of these statements can. One of the best parts is who is saying it though. Elsa has learned to let go (no pun intended) of her past fears and allow herself to be herself.

“You feel what you feel and your feelings are real.” -Kristoff as Sven

Considering the fact that many men are taught to push their feelings aside and not feel, the fact that Kristoff can figure out that it is okay to feel is hugely important. Emotions serve a purpose and if we listen to ourselves, we learn more about ourselves and can accept ourselves better.

“Who knows the ways of men?” -Olaf

This slightly more comical line spoken by a snowman is a reflection of human females also trying to figure out human males. A snowman doesn’t seem to fit in that narrative and yet he makes a relatable comment.

“Water is memory.” -Olaf

This assertion by Olaf helps to drive the plot along as the past can be figured out by water. While this doesn’t exactly apply to real life, it is fascinating to think about all that water goes through and “sees” in its lifetime.


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