How to throw a Holiday Party!

by Abby Clack

As a child of a Southern woman, we throw very extravagant Christmas parties. This year we threw our annual Ugly Sweater Party. Here’s how:

  1. Send “Save the Dates”
    • We like to do this around the beginning of November because the holidays are very busy. But once the party is on their calendar, they’ll probably remember to not plan anything else. 
  2. Send the invites
    • My Mama does this by mail because “there’s something special” about the mail. Around the same time we send them electronically. 
  3. Start planning
    • Choose where you’re going to have the party. And contact the guests to see what they are bringing food wise co you can plan what to make.
  4. Find a big event
    • At every party there should be one big thing. We normally have a friend whose profession is dressing like Santa come and give the kids gifts. 
  5. Get decorations
    • Find something that matches the theme. Oriental Trading Co. has some good stuff.
  6. Prep your space
    • Clean, sweep, mop, do whatever you need to do so that the space where the guests hang out is nice.
  7. Make food
    • Make your food, and make it good.
  8. Welcome guests!
    • You’ve made it! Throw the best holiday party anyone has ever been to. Don’t stress, this is a fun thing. And sometimes it’s more fun when everything goes wrong. 

Happy partying!


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