Eagle Eats plans to feed the community

By: Morgan Sharbaugh

Eagle Eats, a program created by the National Honors Society students, will provide food for the students in the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Community who struggle to find affordable food. Effective as soon as the necessary funding is provided, Eagle Eats will start assembling packed lunches put together with non-perishable foods and distributing them to the students across the three schools in the district who need them.

In the past, a church in the community provided food for kids who went hungry on the weekends when they didn’t have access to school lunches. Unfortunately, the church no longer provides this service and Mrs. Rivero, the Bellbrook NHS administrator, would like to continue it. She is working with the NHS students to plan and coordinate the project, including what would be in the lunches, and how to raise funds for the project.

The NHS students intend to hold a food drive across all three schools in the district but have not settled on a date yet. Foods they would need are single-serving, non-perishable snack items such as individually packed fruit cups, granola bars, macaroni and cheese, and single-serving bags of chips and cookies.

Please look for the flyers that will be put up within the next month advertising the food drive and donate anything you can. The 40 kids across the district who go hungry on the weekends would greatly appreciate it.


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