Opinion: Why Lo-Fi Has Become my Go-to Music

by Josh Hypes

I often question when my obsession with Lo-Fi began; I believe it was about two years ago when I was first exposed to it. One day I was scrolling through my YouTube recommended videos when it came up; I decided to give it a play. The strange distorted sound threw me off. None of the tones really worked with one another; however, there was this almost hypnotic beat that kept me wanting more. Soon that beat began to explain the distorted sounds, and then all of it came together to preserve the rhythm. The rhythm created the melody, the melody created the song. Through deconstructing a song, Lo-Fi creates something new by remixing the basic elements of the song into a melody that carries the listener off into an unknown landscape.

After that first listen I’ve apprehensively been listening to it more often, enjoying the calming rhythms and melodies. Lo-Fi manages to be replayable; somehow, I always find something new in the basic structures whether it is a different accompanying instrument or just a different applicable setting. This is probably most shown by the embarrassing fact my most listened to playlist is primarily composed of Lo-Fi songs. 

There is not a time nor a place where Lo-Fi somehow doesn’t find a way to fit the vibe. Through the host of different sub-genres, there is something always new someone can experiment with to create a different vibe that fits with a different situation. One such genre is Electronic Swing Lo-Fi which manages to bring together the fast rhythmic speed of Swing and pair it with the soothing sounds of Lo-Fi creating a blend of music that replicates something one would read from the Great Gatsby.

But why should one consider Lo-Fi as a possible addition to their chill playlists? Lo-Fi accomplishes something needed in all genres of music which is steady rhythmic hypnotism that enhances the focus of the mind because it syncs to the pattern of the music. This is necessary because as our mind is able to predict the next beats we are able to focus better on tasks such as homework, journaling, and reading. The world of Lo-Fi, though generally a niche genre, is one that deserves more attention than it is given. 


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