Impeachment Ends With A Surprise Vote From Senator Romney

By: Khacor Tigner

February 5 marked the end of the Senate impeachment trial, where President Donald J. Trump was the third president in recorded United States history to be impeached and then acquitted in the US Senate. Senator Mitt Romney became the first ever Senator to vote against his party for the removal of a sitting president.

Senator Romney gave a emotional speech on how he is “profoundly religious” and that his “faith is at the heart” of who he is. Senator Romney then predicted the outcomes of his choice to vote for the removal of President Donald J. Trump, in which he predicted that he will hear “abuse from the President” as well as be “vehemently denounced” by the Republican Party. However, Senator Romney stated that he only did what his “country expected” of him. Senator Romney throughout the speech stated that his actions are just within the Constitution, thus he did his Constitutional duty.

President Donald J. Trump when he held a press conference the day after the acquittal alluded to Senator Romney’s speech in which he stated that Senator Romney was “using religion” to further his political gains. The President also alluded that Senator Romney was a DNC plant trying to disrupt his campaign for reelection.


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