The Iowa Caucus Ends In Confusion, While the New Hampshire Primary Reveals Some Surprises

By: Khacor Tigner

The Iowa caucus is the first primary in the race for president and the nomination for the candidates given party. However, for the first time ever in history the caucus ended in unknown results with an error in the app that was supposed to help with the caucus. Pete Buttigieg claimed an early victory, with many decrying this action. Other candidates like Bernie Sanders had his team release the internal numbers that they collected from their own exit polls to ease the chaos.

The caucus ended with Pete Buttigieg winning by a small margin the popular vote with 564 votes and 13 delegates. Bernie Sanders came a close second with 12 delegates and 562 votes. Finally in third there is candidate Elizabeth Warren with 388 votes and 8 delegates to her name.

Even with all the precincts reporting the chaos that this caucus caused has led to public outcry for a re-caucus, and the Iowa democrats seemed to try and alleviate some of these outcries by stating that they would if it was okay with Sanders and Buttigieg.

The New Hampshire primary, however, was arguably much less chaotic than the Iowa caucus. There were little to no problems in reporting and all the information about the polls got out in a timely orderly fashion. There was some very big surprises for many that have been following this race. For instance, moderate candidate Amy Klobuchar received a more than expected in the popular vote coming in at 58,796 with 6 delegates to her name. Klobuchar was recently endorsed by an esteemed publication: The New York Times, which undoubtedly helped her numbers going into the primaries.

The two front runners, Sanders and Buttigieg, are still at the top, but with a slight difference. Sanders won the New Hampshire primary with 76,324 of the popular vote and 9 delegates. Buttigieg came in a close second with a popular vote of 72,457 and 9 delegates as well.

After the New Hampshire primary backers of Andrew Yang and Patrick Deval were given disheartening news when they both announced that they would drop out of the 2020 Presidential Race.


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