Plans for the Graduation of The Class of 2020

By: Khacor Tigner

This is a hard time for all seniors as they get to say their last goodbyes to Bellbrook High School not together but apart. In this historic event, principal David Hann has laid out a plan to have a socially-distanced celebration in the face of this pandemic.

The date of graduation will not change. On May 16, the class of 2020 will walk across the auditorium stage and receive their diplomas handed to them by their parents or guardians. One student at a time will walk with only 3-6 students being at the high school at once in 10 minute increments throughout the day.

The ceremony itself will be rather quick for each student. As the student’s name is called, they will walk across the stage to get their diploma, and then swiftly leave to the new cafeteria to get their picture taken by Nick Falzerano. Families will exit through the cafeteria doors.

This is a solemn time for all involved, as the Class of 2020 truly does not get the experience what many other classes did previous to them. There’s no Pomp and Circumstance, just a small celebration, instead of being the final meeting of the entirety of the Class of 2020. However, as Mr. Hann said, “We must play the hand we are dealt.” Even if the Class of 2020 is apart, they will soar above and beyond together.


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