What’s next for the 2020 class?

by Khacor Tigner

The Class of 2020 are all set out to do some amazing things in their lives. Four seniors responded to questions in an Instagram story to showcase what’s next for the class of 2020.

Jada Murphy, senior class vice president, said, “After high school I plan on going to Bowling Green State University to further my education. My goal is to become a nurse practitioner. My high school experience has been such a blessing and I’m so thankful for all the amazing teachers and staff. My favorite class would have to be Mrs. Hasler’s Human Body Systems class!”

Cole McCrae, a talented student and tennis player, said, he is “going to tOSU (The Ohio State University) to Major in Mechanical Engineering.” He added, “I generally enjoyed my time in high school. My favorite class was probably physics.”

Sam Montgomery, honors student and athlete, said, “I’m going to Mount Union. My major will be sports business.” He said, “I really like high school. My favorite classes were Art 1 sophomore year and pre-calc junior year.”

Acacia Leasur, a gifted art student, said she is “still trying to figure that one out” when asked about what’s next for her. She wants to pursue teaching in some form. She said high school was “very very stressful but fun.” Her favorite class was “Art, because it let me get out my feelings without actually saying a word.”

Thank you Bellbrook High School for a wonderful four years. We all had our laughs, stressful moments, and wild moments, but at the end of the day it was a good a experience. We will all miss the wonderful staff here. Thank you for your encouragement through these rough times.


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