Local fall treats fall into our stores

By Paige E. Bourquin

The local community center, Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Community Support Center (BSCSC), has started gathering foods for fall. Volunteer and sophomore Reagan Morrow said they have already started getting ready for Thanksgiving with plenty of pumpkin treats, cake mix for all the sweet goodies, and plenty of stuffing for this season. If you want to help out our community, feel free to donate anything extra you have, or make food baskets to distribute. Here are local offerings you can partake in yourself or buy for local donations.

Starting at Kroger, we find delicious apple products. Nothing is better than biting into a fresh honeycrisp apple. And of course you can never forget the wonderful apple cider. Whether hot or cold, apple cider is always a fan favorite. When speaking of apples, you can never forget the wonderful complement of caramel. Give a big hug to your grandma to get one of the wonderful grandma hard candies that they all seem to be carrying at all times.

What everyone seems to be waiting for is the pumpkin spice. Enjoy the pumpkin spice coffee from Starbucks, pumpkin pie with loads of whipped cream, and some pumpkin rolls.

Target is next on our road trip of fall foods. We can start off by baking some from-the-box fall themed funfetti cake that you can tell the little ones you made from scratch. Once you turn the corner into the little box of fall things in stock, there is no way to resist the wonderful candy corn. Grab a bag or three to really kick off the season. Host the coolest parties with mini pumpkin cupcakes and the different varieties of apple cider.


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