Volleyball Varsity setter Grace Krane talks unity, family, and relentless pursuit

by Rachel Holbrook

Question 1: What position do you play? 

Answer: I am a setter on the varsity volleyball team. 

Question 2: Out of all sports, why did you choose to play volleyball? 

Answer: Volleyball is such a team sport and really unites all of the players on and off the court. The energy that comes from everyone on the team is amazing to feel and be a part of. 

Question 3: What is your favorite part about the sport? 

Answer: Our theme for this year is “family,” and we all truly have become a family. We win and lose together, and always support one another.  I love volleyball so much because of all the great people I have gotten to become so close with. We truly have become a family. 

Question 4: What is your (or the team’s) strength when playing? 

Answer: We always give our all in games through “relentless pursuit.” We are so determined and dedicated to each other that we are willing to do whatever it takes to help our teammates reach their goals. 

Question 5: What is something the team could improve on? 

Answer: There is always room to improve, and on this team it certainly isn’t between the support and dedication we have for each other to succeed. Consistency is key in volleyball, and our current goal is becoming a more consistent team, and continuing to figure out how to best push one another.

Question 6: How many wins and losses have you had so far this season?

Answer: We have won 7 games and lost 3.

Question 7: What game are you really looking forward to? Why? Who’s it against? When and where is it? 

Answer: As a small D1 volleyball program, we don’t get many opportunities to play other high caliber teams outside of our league. So, when we get the chance to, we love to have the support and energy from our fans to help get us pumped for a good game. Our next game that we are most excited for as a team is at Beavercreek on October 4. Two years ago, we lost to Beavercreek in our first round of the tournament, so we are definitely looking forward to showing how much we have improved since then. 


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