Byrd’s Nest Vol. 1: Great Beginnings!

by Abbie Stokes

Welcome to the first edition of the Byrd’s Nest!

This will be the first of many articles going over the submissions from the Byrd’s Nest Questionnaire, a place for students to submit any and all questions for Bellbrook Seniors to answer questions and give out advice.

Q1: What do you think is the best way to study? 

A: Studies show that the best way to study is with spaced repetition, so using things like Quizlet or flashcards is definitely the best way to study. The link above has some tips and science too. It’s definitely good for things like remembering concepts and vocabulary, as well as key ideas. Certainly best used for science and history classes.

Q2: When do you start preparing for collage? 

A:  Personally, my college preparation started around my freshman year, and actually a little bit before. Freshman year is surprisingly pivotal for college applications, as that’s the year you really need to plan out what classes you are going to take for the rest of high school, which then in turn would lead to the classes that are going to be looked at by colleges. Planning out your high school classes freshman year also takes a lot of stress off of you later on, as all you have to do is follow that plan. Talking to your counselor early on and developing a plan and a relationship with them is also something I highly recommend (as well as doing the same with teachers!)

Q3: What are some things that you regret not doing during high school? And what are some things you did that you wish you wouldn’t have?

A: Some things that I personally regret not doing in high school is participating in more student activities. I’ve never done any sort of sport and I only participate in a couple of clubs at the moment, and I wish I had been able to connect with more people and have more friends.

As for things I wish I wouldn’t have done, it would probably be cutting off a lot of people and flying through friend groups every couple years. It’s nice to have a solid group of people to be around, and I wish I had stuck with my middle school friends a little more. 

Bellbrook High School students: please submit any questions or things you need advice on to the questionnaire on Google Classroom.


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