Sam Wellbaum shares his golf experience

by Rachel Holbrook

picture courtesy of Nicholas Studios

Why did you choose to be part of the Bellbrook Golf Team? 

Answer: I played in the junior golf program throughout middle school which was held by Coach Scohy of the high school team. 

How long have you played golf? 

Answer: I have been playing golf for 4 years now.

Who or what inspired you to play the sport?

Answer: I don’t think anyone really inspired me. I started playing because I had just quit baseball at the time, so I was looking for a new sport and golf just popped up for me. 

How often do you or your team practice?

Answer: We practice Monday-Thursday if we don’t have a match on those days. 

What do you do to prepare for a match? Do you have a warm up routine?

Answer: To prepare for a match, we usually do a scouting report over the course we are about to play. 

Have your coaches impacted you or how you play?

Answer: Absolutely, without the amazing intelligence and love of the game of golf, and leadership skills of Coach Scohy, I have good reason to believe that I wouldn’t be playing right now. 

Is there a famous golf star you look up to? Why or why not?

Answer: I would most associate myself with Phil Mickelson. He is more of one of the easy-going professional players. He is always quick with a joke or to make a fan’s day. 

What is your (or the team’s) strength when playing?

Answer: I would say for the most part we all keep our cool when playing, and when an opposing player starts doing bad, we always try to be encouraging.

What is the hardest part about golf?

Answer: People struggle because they don’t have patience. From a technical standpoint, it is very difficult to change little things with your swing. 

How many matches have you had so far this year? Has Bellbrook won any overall? 

Answer: We have had 8 matches within our conference, and we went undefeated in conference play, finishing with an 8-0 record. In non-conference play we only had one tournament where we lost to the Harrison Cougars.

What match are you looking forward to? Why? When and where will it take place?

Answer: This coming Monday, Sept. 27, we have the SWBL Championship, where if we place top 3 we would win the conference. Which would be the first time in 20+ years that Oakwood hasn’t won the conference. 


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