Bellbrook fall sports rocking the season

By: Angel Okechukwu-Ozor

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Studios


Bellbrook football has two teams: varsity and junior varsity. As of September 28, varsity has won 4 games and lost 2 while JV has won 6 games and lost 0.

Coaches and players

The coaches of the football team are Jeff Jenkins who is the head coach, Mark Rogal and Tyler Stewart who are the linebacker coaches, Nick Combs and Gary Barhorst who are the linemen coaches, and Zach Guess who is the wide receiver coach. These coaches have guided the football team to where they are now. The captains of the varsity team are Ashton Ault, Brayden Turner and Sam Vine. Many players in the team started playing as a freshman and are role models to the underclassmen. According to Bellbrook JV player Kelvin Okechukwu-Ozor, “As a freshman, I play in the JV team and my position is Linemen and my upperclassmen Ethan Sickels plays the same position as me, and I look up to him a lot which helps me.”


Bellbrook football cheer attends football games and cheers for the team. The coach of the cheerleading team is Jonele Terrell. She has been coaching in Bellbrook for 15 years and coaching for 25 years overall. She started coaching in 2006 when one of her classmates wanted help with her Wee Eagle program. After helping, she started coaching and she loves coaching in Bellbrook. One captain is Hailey Bridges, a senior. She started cheerleading at kindergarten and thought it was fun and continued from there. She says her strengths are leading the team and her weaknesses are running. The co-captains are juniors Reagan Webb and Chloe Terrell who love cheer.


Bellbrook volleyball also has varsity and junior varsity teams. Since the season started, they have been on winning streak, playing about 2-3 games a day. This is also a sport where, according to senior Yuki Kawabe, you make friends and good teammates.

Coaches and players

Head coach is middle school teacher Lynzee Allen with Khris Scohy and Amanda Von Handorf assisting.

Allen started coaching in 2013 and says, “I love coaching and making players better, stronger. I love competing and I’m a super competitive person, and I love the sport volleyball.” She started coaching basketball and then moved on to volleyball.

Scohy has been coaching for 9 years. 3 years in Bellbrook, 3 years in Fairborn, 2 years in the Dayton Juniors Club Program and also an assistant coach in Beavercreek. According to Scohy, “I like connecting with the student athletes and building relationship with the students outside of the school setting and I love competing, so I think coaching gives me that opportunity to have that competition in my life.” She also started a volleyball program in the military for YMCA in Georgia before she moved to Ohio.

Von Handorf has been coaching for 5 years, two years in college and she started coaching in Bellbrook 3 years ago. The reason she started coaching was her love for the game and the love for the girls in the program. According to her, “I do love coaching the team. We have an exceptional group of athletes and I enjoy them on and off the court.”

There are two captains of the volleyball team, seniors Meredith Greathouse and Noelle Valentie. Greathouse started playing volleyball in 6th grade and sees being a captain of the volleyball team with a lot of responsibilities and loves it because at the end of the day, they get a win. “It’s stressful because volleyball is a mistake based point system but once you stop being nervous and just remember you know how to play, it’s rewarding.” Valentie started playing volleyball at 5th grade. As a captain, she loves it because, “It shows that I’m a leader. It’s a resource for my teammates to get access to coaches.”


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