Two characters inspire your costume this Halloween

By: Angelique Taylor

Halloween is coming around the corner which means horror movies, candy, treats and scares. Here are two amazing costumes with the siblings and their backstories to fuel your imagination and to inspire your outfit this Halloween. 

Sir Billiam III

First we have Sir Billiam III, coming from the Dream SMP series. A Minecraft pig with ambitions of his own, he owns a mansion where the masquerade balls takes place. He wears half black and half gold, very Victorian. In this outfit, we have a decorated top hat, white frills for the Victorian look, a masquerade mask, a fur lined cape, steampunk fingers, black blazer, black pants and long black boots for this Halloween costume. This look accentuates the masquerade ball and Sir Billiam III himself. 

Model: Arson Taylor, @Mcyt on Instagram. Photography by: Angelique Taylor.

“The Purge” Purger

Next, we have a Purger from the classic horror trilogy, “The Purge,” a political thriller with our new founding fathers sanctioned by the U.S. government. All crime is legal for 12 continuous hours, including murder that takes place from 7pm on March 21 to 7am on March 22. During this time, crime is legal to cleanse America, to get rid of the hate inside of citizens. In this outfit, we have the Anonymous mask painted with red and black, black sweater, steampunk gloves for style, and a Nerf gun painted with red and black paint. Add an extra Anonymous mask to go over the painted mask.

      Model: Francis Taylor Photography by: Angelique Taylor. 

These two costumes “Sir Billiam III” and “The Purge: Purger” are definity unique with their backstories being as interesting as the costumes themselves. Hopefully this gave you some inspiration for your costume this 2021. Stay spooky this Halloween! 


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