Make a fun and easy jar craft for all ages

by Paige Bourquin

With the spooky season approaching, you might find yourself scrolling through Pinterest looking for a new craft to do, but all the crafts just seem to be way too perfect? Well not anymore! This craft is perfect for spooky centerpieces, so learn how to make a cute jar craft for the young to the old to enjoy.


~A jar of any kind

~Craft paint of any color

~Clear craft glue

~Sponge paintbrush

~Fairy Lights

~Stickers/Cardstock/Paper to make decals

~Paper plates

First, thoroughly wash out the jar of your choice. The example uses a large mason jar, but any glass jar with a wide top and a lid works.

Prepare your paint by mixing your preferred color and glue on a paper plate. This thins the paint out and allows more light to shine through later on. There isn’t a set ratio, only that you need more glue than paint. Mix them together thoroughly using your paint brush.

Next step is to paint! Take your brush and start painting the inside of the jar. Try to apply even layers of paint throughout. Take time for the paint to dry before putting on the second layer. Then, let it dry fully before the next step. 

As you’re waiting for the paint to dry, start painting the lids. We used black without using a second quote so that the grey was still visible.

Start making your decals that go onto your jar. There are a few ways you can do this. The first option is to buy large halloween stickers at the store. A second option is to cut it out of cardstock. In a similar way to that, print out the decals onto computer paper and cut those out. WIth the two of these, be careful when gluing them on, and add modge podge for an extra layer of security. You could also cutt out stickers on a Cricut (or similar) machine. 

Your Halloween jar is done! Decorate the jar with any accessories you have laying around: string, glitter, tinself and set up for a photo shoot. Tag @BHS_EagleViewNews on Instagram to show us you jars!


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