TikTok “Devious Licks” cause security scale-ups for schools

By: Joshua O. Kiefer

In a trend that started with soap dispensers, students are now stealing all sorts of things from their schools for social media status.

A trend on TikTok called the “devious lick” has students stealing from schools. Students steal from small stuff on teachers’ desks to whole toilets and sinks. This started September 1 when a kid posted a video on TikTok of him pulling a school soap dispenser out of his backpack. According to CBS News, two Twin City schools in Minnesota have already increased security and surveillance. 

Many parents have already said that social media causes theft. This trend also has schools locking bathrooms and having dedicated times to go.

Mr. Whalen, assistant principal of Bellbrook High School, said that this trend is “concerning” and that students need to get past the “social media high.” Principal Mr. Hann said that it’s “dumb and criminal.” Mr. Whalen referenced the Bellbrook student handbook and said that any student that was to steal from the school would be a category two offense. This means that they will have an out-of-school suspension and can be charged for theft. Restitution may also take place. This is when an item that is taken is returned in the worst shape than when it was taken and they must pay for the property. Mr. Hann has placed trust in his students saying that the majority of the students wouldn’t participate or tolerate their classmates who participate in something like this. 

The trend may have physically started with the stolen soap dispenser, but the question is why did students post their crimes? Mr. Hann and Mr. Whalen said these videos were made for “views and likes.” Mr. Whalen even went a bit further and said that they “underestimate peer feeling.”

Both said that there are positives and negatives to social media. Mr. Hann said that it can be very powerful, and Mr. Whalen added by saying that it can help bridge gaps and bring people together. But they also said that it brings attention to safety concerns.

Mr. Whalen, when informed that students talked about cyberbullying in health class and 4th grade, said that we should address these concerns in high schools well. According to Insider, a new trend was made called “angelic yields” is supposed to be the counter to the Devious Lick. It usually consists of people leaving toilet paper in school bathrooms.


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