For Honor and Dead By Daylight teaming up for Halloween

By: Joshua O. Kiefer

Ubisoft and BEhavior interactive decided to team up and make something special for the small community that plays their games. The third person, medieval sword-fighting game, For Honor, and the third person horror game, Dead By Daylight, made the announcement by releasing a video of Larry, the execution dummy in For Honor, getting kidnapped by the Dead By Daylight’s killer, The Trapper.

For Honor is getting a new event featuring a dominion deathmatch gamemode where two teams of four capture points but also try to kill the trapper from Dead By Daylight. There are no minions, unlike a normal dominion match, and the trapper can make the points neutral even if there is someone standing on the point, similar to another game mode introduced last season. The event is called “Survivors of the Fog” and starts October 21 and goes to November 11. The event will also feature a free event pass with the same start and end dates.

Another change to the game is that the minions are wearing masks. The Vikings wear Trapper masks, Samurai wear Oni masks, and Knights wear Legion masks. Shugoki will also be getting a nerf (a change to a game that downgrades the power of a particular game element to achieve balance) to remove hyper armor from one of his moves. There will also be two new executions, two new illustrious outfits, new armor, and new effects. The illustrious outfits feature the face of The Trapper and the face of The Huntress from and the executions also feature the two killers, one using tomahawks while the other puts you on a hook. 

Dead By Daylight players got the shorter end of the stick from this crossover. Some people thought that there would be a new killer or outfit but instead they got a charm of the head of Larry, the warden execution dummy. To get the charm, put in the code “FORHONOR” in the in-game store as of October 22. But Dead By Daylight has a separate event for Halloween that brings a new season pass, 666,666 blood points, and a new survivor, Mikaela Reid.

The new survivor for Dead By Daylight
New survivor for Dead By Daylight
The new event pass in Dead By Daylight
The new charm in Dead By Daylight

I played the new event in For Honor and the event felt very intense with capturing points, going against another team of four, and The Trapper being scary strong. In an original dominion match, standing on a captured point will boost it, which gives you two points per second, but in the event, boosting gives four points. The hardest part about the event was The Trapper. He throws out attacks dealing around 50 damage that are not blockable, and on top of that, he acts like a real player, guard breaking, dodging, and blocking. The Trapper was also able to teleport randomly and can’t get stunned if hit, making his executions inevitable.

A new ornament for the characters in For Honor
New color and symbols for armor in For Honor
The knight minions new look in For Honor
The new map for the event in For Honor


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