Why “Public Speaking” is one of Bellbrook’s best classes, and why you should take it!

by Bradley Jager

There are many electives to pick at Bellbrook High School, everything from civil engineering and architecture to child development. BHS has no lack of classes to take. One of these amazing classes is Public Speaking.

Taught by Aimee Klepacz, Public Speaking is a semester class worth 1/2 an English elective credit. “Consider taking it because it has real-world applications,” says Mrs. Klepacz. “I feel that it is crucial to be able to speak knowledgeably and comfortably in public, whether it is with one’s friends, classmates, or later, in the workforce.”
If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “I’m not good at public speaking, no way I’m taking that class” then this class is made for you! Klepacz notes, “Students that are shy or that have a fear of speaking in public are the ones that can benefit the most from this class.” This class is to teach public speaking so it’s for those who don’t or won’t speak publicly.

“I’ve recommended it to a couple of people already!” says Bellbrook junior Rachel Holbrook. “It’s a very good confidence builder and fun class. You connect with your peers in ways you can’t in other classes.” Senior Matthew Davidson says, “It’s very helpful to get out your shyness. You learn new things everyday. I’m letting my voice speak for itself.” Freshman Ashtyn Praeter says, “You realize that everyone makes mistakes, and not everyone is perfect. It gets you way better and way more comfortable speaking in front of people.”

This class is one of the best classes you could take, teaching you life-long skills, and growing your talents. All kinds of kids are in this class, from freshmen to seniors. Next time you’re scheduling your classes, take a moment and think about how much more confident and ready for the life you could be, all thanks to Mrs. Klepacz’s Public Speaking class.


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