Michigan student details effects of the Oxford High School shooting

By: Reagan Morrow

On Tuesday, November 30, a 15 year old student opened fire in Oxford High School in Oakland County, Michigan. Four students were killed and many others are injured including a teacher. With the Oxford shooting, more threats have been issued by people about shooting up schools. Many schools have closed in result of the threats and the shooting.

Madison Robinson, a 17 year old senior at Lapeer High School in Michigan, said “[The shooting] has definitely made me and everyone in the surrounding area really sad.” Lapeer High School is only 16.2 miles away from Oxford High School.

Robinson and her peers are scared about what could possibly happen in the next couple of weeks. “If I’m being honest, since it was so close, and that one has been causing a domino effect of other threats around Michigan. It is pretty scary.”

Robinson reported that Lapeer High School is dedicating one of their December spirit days to Oxford by wearing their school colors, navy blue and gold. The spirit day was originally scheduled for December 3 but was moved to December 10 because Lapeer schools closed on the 3 due to the effects on the number of students attending school.

For more information on the Oxford High School shooting you can visit: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/multiple-people-injured-shooting-oxford-high-school-michigan-officials-rcna7128



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