Byrd’s Nest Vol. 3 – New Year, New Questions

By Abbie Stokes

Happy (late) New Year everyone! 2022 is finally here, and with the new year comes brand new questions from Bellbrook High School students to answer. If you’ve never read this column before, here’s how it works: students from all grade levels are able to send in any questions they have or issues they need advice on, and we answer and give advice to their questions.

Q1: What are some things to help someone with ADHD or poor focus?

Great question! While I may not personally struggle with ADHD, I have both friends who do have it and some focusing issues myself. One thing in particular that I’ve found to be incredibly useful is something called “body doubling.” Essentially, it’s a technique that people with ADHD or other focusing issues can use wherein the person with the focusing issue can have another person in the same room as them while the affected person can work on a task. Simply having another person in the room that has a calm or focused presence can provide some positive pressure on the unfocused individual, overall improving productivity and concentration.

However, not everyone can have another person to study or do other tasks with them (especially in this pandemic) so I have one other suggestion for you: doing tasks when you are physically tired. This may sound like something from a stereotypical ADHD blog, but I’ve personally found that when I come home from work and my body is tired, I’m able to just sit down and get a lot more mentally demanding things done, as I’m not moving around as much trying to get excess energy out of my body. Even just going for a walk or cleaning up your area (in a timely manner, of course) will end up helping your focusing issues. 

Q2: Driving is scary, especially your first time behind the wheel. What are some tips and how do you go about getting a parking pass for the school parking lot when you have a license?

While I can’t give any super specific tips on driving, always make sure to pay attention when you are, and being more cautious is always better than not. However, don’t be too cautious to the point where you’re scared–confidence is necessary when you’re on the road, and too much timidity can actually hurt you in the long run. As for the parking pass, there is information on the high school’s homepage under Student Resources. Parking passes typically are applied for before the school year starts, with seniors getting first priority, then juniors and sophomores. There is a form to fill out and send in, as well as the dates you need to hand it in by all on the website.

Q3: Is it okay if I don’t want to go to college? I see everyone around me get accepted into colleges and brag about it, so I feel like I have to go at this point.

It is absolutely ok if you don’t want to go to college! Now, this is coming from someone who is college-bound, but I have many friends who are either at the career center or taking a gap year (or years for a couple of them) that are completely satisfied with their lives as they are. I genuinely believe that college isn’t for everyone, and that as long as you can find something fulfilling in your life to pursue, then I would say to go for it. As for everyone else bragging about getting into college, just let it slide off of you–there’s no need to feel shame! Honestly, a lot of those people probably don’t think it’s that big of a deal and are just excited to be starting the next chapter of their lives and to get out of Bellbrook (as is the case with me). And even if you don’t really have a strong passion to do anything or have any sort of alternative education option ahead of you, there’s no need to rush things; you have a long life ahead of you, certainly full of many opportunities to look forward to.


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