3 Survival tips for going into 2022

By: Angelique Taylor

2022 is another year, a new beginning. There will be new opportunities, new people to meet, and things will happen that you can and cannot control. Use this 2022 survival guide to help you get through things with a clear conscience. This will let you understand your potential and expand your knowledge without limiting yourself.

I – Keep a open mind

Keeping an open mind will help you expand your knowledge with your social life and even your grades. Open-mindedness makes you receptive to a wide and unlimited variety of ideas, arguments, and information. Being open-minded makes you progressively positive over time and you will be confident and curious, sucking up information like a sponge.

II –  Don’t limit yourself

Limiting yourself ruins productivity and large opportunities that may have possible life changing effects on your life. You will actually get more work done if you’re either working on yourself or working on a goal. You will be more focused and the results of your unlimited opportunities will be breathtaking. Let your brain go free of what you only believe you can do. Believe you can do more because you can.

III – You have a choice 

You may not be able to control people, events, or situations. But you can definitely control your actions, feelings, thoughts and intentions. The situation, person, or event may be conflicting, yes, but the way you take it will affect you mentally in a positive way that may also change that situation, or give you another perspective. Keeping calm when in pressure is important to help you in the real world when things get rough. You can change a situation with your actions in a multitude of ways. You would be surprised. 


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