What is going on with employment in BSS?

by Paige Bourquin

Bellbrook High School has, like most other places, been experiencing an employment situation. Students have noticed that lunch lines have been closing down, classrooms are taking longer to clean, teachers and substitutes are stretched thin, and classes are filled to capacity. As quarantine mandates lift, most places have been struggling to get employees, and schools are no exception.

According to superintendent Dr. Cozad and BHS principal Mr. Hann, Bellbrook has been and continues to be a very sought-after school district to work with a great community. We do not have a lack of applicants for teachers, especially ELA and Social Studies teachers. We typically have stability in most departments.

Schools like Bellbrook have cycles of unemployment, like a group of people reaching retirement age or moving into administrative positions. Nationwide, however, there has been a record number of resignations or retirements. According to our administrators, COVID is surprisingly not a major factor to employment in BSS, with the only true change being the interviewing process moving online, like many other places. The recent levy issue did lead to cuts of staff, and Dr. Cozad noted, “I believe that candidates are aware of our past levy problems and that may be a factor in their decision making.” 

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Local School District is funded mostly by the community as opposed to state or grant funding. To combat shortages, substitute teacher and nurse pay increased to attract more candidates. Bellbrook continues to look for additions to its maintenance crew and classroom aides.



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