Bellbrook rolls out new Chromebooks

By: Bradley Jager

Bellbrook schools have started rolling out new Chromebooks to students in grades K-11 after receiving an $800,000 grant for the replacement of all student and staff devices in the district. The Chromebooks that most students have been using have an End of Life of June 2022 when they no longer receive Google updates. As a 1:1 tech district, it was high time to get new ones. The high school new Chromebook rollout officially started on February 25 and will start slowly making its way down through the middle school all the way to the kindergarten.

Junior Simon Lunay is so excited to have a Chromebook that actually holds its charge.

“These new Chromebooks are the new devices. They are Acer 311 Chromebooks and have the same functionality as the previous Chromebooks,” says Bellbrook Schools’ lead helpdesk technician, Tina Ruble.

With new Chromebooks come reminders about the following expectations:
1) All student’s Chromebooks must stay in their new cases.
2) You must bring it charged to school every day.
3) No loaner Chromebooks will be handed out. Don’t forget to bring yours to school!


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