Covid cases drop in March in Greene County

By: Angelique Taylor 

The New York Times graph reports how the COVID cases are going in Greene County, Ohio. When the Omicron variant emerged at the end of 2021, it spiked above six hundred new Covid cases year, but now it has fallen up to this point in March. 

An Remind message sent on March 11 announced, “Effective 3/10/22, the Ohio Department of Health no longer requires schools to report positive cases of COVID-19 to their local health department or to notify parents of positive COVID-19 cases among staff, students, or coaches.” Here at Bellbrook High, school nurse Anna Valley reports on the current conditions with the pandemic. She said, “Covid numbers have been dropping and there have been no new cases in five weeks.” Nurse Valley also notes a more relaxed and focused atmosphere among students with a lack of the threat of quarantine.

Though cases are dropping, it doesn’t mean they won’t go back up. According to Nurse Valley, “We should take into consideration that covid cases will most likely spike every winter.” One way to guard against severe disease is to get vaccinated.

Covid is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a pandemic that surged through countries across the world. The pandemic began December 12, 2019 with a cluster of patients in Wuhan, China, who began to experience shortness of breath and fevers and spread to the U.S. by January 2020.


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