Wrestling freshman represents at the State level

By Leanne Beane

Jada Weiss is a freshman on the Bellbrook High School’s wrestling team and the only female currently on the team.

Weiss began wrestling in 7th grade, crediting her brothers, one already on the team, as her inspiration and explaining, “It looked like an interesting sport.” She has enjoyed wrestling so far and describes the team as “decent friends.”

When asked how she felt about the past season, Weiss responded, “The season didn’t go bad. I won more matches than I thought I would, and I improved a lot. Although, there is lots more room for improvement.” During difficult practices and competitions, she was motivated by “the feeling of accomplishment when I finished.”

The wrestling team recently went to states and Weiss stated she was “very excited to go but I was also nervous as well.” She felt prepared, but she was new to wrestling at a girls tournament and she “didn’t know what level of wrestling to expect.” Bolstered by a successful season, Weiss plans to continue wrestling throughout high school.


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