JROTC runs a blood drive

By: Reagan Morrow

On March 17, the JROTC program hosted a blood drive. Cadet Second Lieutenant Carmen Roland and Cadet Captain Caitlyn Lensch were in charge of setting this drive up.

The JROTC blood drive was hosted through The Community Blood Center located in Dayton, Ohio. The Center was hoping 40 people would sign up but the JROTC program exceeded the goal by getting roughly 50 people to sign up to give blood.

Juniors Roland and Lensch encouraged the students at the high school with the incentive of winning a raffle for 3 gift cards. Students can also receive a red cord to wear at graduation when they give blood three times over the course of their high school career. Most importantly, the drive organizers reminded students that giving blood can help save 6 lives when they went to each mentor before the drive.

Carmen Roland said that giving blood can help people who are in need of a blood transfusion or who were in a traumatic accident.

Currently, the nation is experiencing a critical shortage in blood donations, so if you would like to donate visit http://www.givingblood.org/


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